qinu - new ice

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qinu - new ice

qinu - new ice

Indigenous Knowledge

Kinuak 'first thin ice (Labrador Virtual Museum, Inuttut-English dictionary)

qinu ᕿᓄ 'A condition that occurs in the early stage of ice formation that has a slushy consistency suspended in the water, when the ice particles are loose and soft and have not yet frozen to the point of consolidating [variation: qinuaq (when along the shoreline)].' (Kinggait (Cape Dorset), South Qikiqtaaluk, Inuit Siku Atlas)

qinu ᕿᓄ '[related: aggutitak] Slushy ice in the water, often from snow falling in the water, ice is soft and of slushy consistency.' (Sanikiluaq Siku Terminology Workshop, 2018)

qinuaq ᕿᓄᐊᖅ 'Slushy ice, grease ice, no strength to it (cannot hold weight), but difficult to paddle through.' (Mittimatalik, Sikumiut Community Management Committee et al. 2022: 68)

mihaniq 'slush' (Kangiryuarmiutun, Kudlak and Compton 2018: 102)

Western Knowledge

new ice 'A general term for recently formed ice which includes frazil ice, grease ice, slush and shuga. These types of ice are composed of ice crystals which are only weakly frozen together (if at all) and have a definite form only while they are afloat.'

frazil ice ‘Fine spicules or plates of ice suspended in water.’

grease ice  'A later stage of freezing than frazil ice where the crystals have coagulated to form a soupy layer on the surface. Grease ice reflects little light, giving the water a matte appearance.'

nilas ice 'A thin elastic crust of ice, easily bending on waves and swell and under pressure growing in a pattern of interlocking "fingers" (finger rafting). Nilas has a matte surface and is up to 10 centimetres in thickness and may be subdivided into dark nilas and light nilas.'

Also possibly related:

pancake ice 'Predominantly circular pieces of ice 30 centimetres to 3 metres in diameter, up to 10 centimetres in thickness, with raised rims due to the pieces striking against one another. [...]'

Source for English terminology: MANICE