The Indigenous Knowledge Social Network

Facilitating self-determination in research, education and stewardship for Indigenous communities.


SIKU is a mobile app and web platform by and for Inuit which provides tools and services for ice safety, language preservation and weather.


Guiding Principles

As the only social media platform putting Indigenous rights first, SIKU is a safe space for sharing and mobilizing Indigenous knowledge.
SIKU helps document the data that has always formed the basis for Indigenous knowledge and mobilize it for use in community-based monitoring, Guardians Programs and self-determination in research, education and environmental stewardship.
Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property
No one can use your data without permission. Intellectual property ownership is maintained through an informed data stewardship framework. Learn more
The terms of use require real names and real data - critically important for safe travel, knowledge transfer, language and cultural preservation.

"I think Inuit clothing, the feathers that we use, and traditional tools, combined with technology and tools of todays modern youth, you put them together, SIKU will be amazing."

SIKU Diagram


Privacy and Respect
Privacy & Respect
  • No one can use your data without permission.
  • Not-for-profit and always free.
  • A safe space to share Indigenous knowledge.
  • Customizable privacy settings tailored for Indigenous self-determination.
  • Streamlined stewardship settings for Guardians and community-driven research projects.
Sea ice & weather safety
Sea ice & weather safety
  • Ice & weather hazard reports from local hunters and elders.
  • Terrestrial, marine and ice weather forecasts and alerts for your community.
  • High resolution satellite imagery and map layers including:
    • Radar and visual Spectrum for near-real time sea ice (Sentinel 1-3, Landsat 8, MODIS)
    • Topo
    • Ice Roughness Product
    • Canadian Ice Service Charts (Coming Soon)
    • SmartICE
Record your knowledge
Record your knowledge
  • Create posts on the land. Upload when you get back to Wifi.
    • Wildlife observations and hunting stories
    • Ice observations and dangerous ice reports
    • Sea ice and oceanographic tools
    • Social posts
    • GPS tracks
  • Record photos, videos and other details to link Indigenous knowledge and scientific data.
Language & knowledge transfer
Language & knowledge transfer
  • Support for multiple Inuktut languages and dialects
  • Taggable profiles that act as wikis of Indigenous knowledge for:
    • Sea Ice Terminology
    • Wildlife
    • Indigenous Place Names
Mobilize, collaborate, educate
Mobilize, collaborate, educate
  • Use as individuals, organizations and project management
  • Access and share relevant reports and hard to find resources/documents
  • Browse the latest posts from your community or the entire SIKU network.
Cutting Edge
Cutting Edge
  • 360º Street View imagery in town and on the ice
  • Underwater video
  • Timelapse
Sentinel 2 Imagery

Sentinel 2 satellite imagery, overlaid with a GPS trip, featuring ice and wildlife posts near Sanikiluaq, Nunavut.