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Track the spring goose migration with the SIKU app – you could win $1000!

Contribute to knowledge sharing between northern communities about the timing of goose migration, nesting, hatching, and the health of the population this year. All you have to do is make goose posts using SIKU. SIKU is an easy-to-use mobile app made by and for Indigenous communities which works offline when you’re on the land. Download the SIKU Android or iOS app and join the SIKU Goose Watch today!

Community Prizes

The first person in each eligible community to make a qualifying goose harvest post on SIKU wins a $100 gift card from the Northern Store*.

Grand Prizes

All goose posts, including nests, observations and harvests from eligible communities uploaded to SIKU between April 1st - July 31st, 2022, enter you in the Grand Prize draw for a Northern Gift Card*. Keep posting to increase your chances of winning!

🥇 1st grand prize – $1000
🥈 2nd grand prize – $500
🥉 3rd grand prize – $250

How to Enter

How Can I Win a Community Prize?

Make a goose harvest post

Add a photo of your harvested goose

Tag your Community

Upload your post to SIKU

The first eligible post for your community wins a $100 gift card

How Can I Win a Grand Prize?

Make any type of goose post – harvest, nest and other observation posts are all eligible

Add a photo of the goose or nest

Tag your Community

Upload your post to SIKU

Grand Prize winners will be drawn and announced on August 1, 2022

Rules For All Prizes

  • Posts located within town are NOT eligible
  • All posts must have their location/time set to where/when the goose harvest or observation occurred.
  • Posts must be made between April 1st - July 31, 2022
  • Only one SIKU post for each goose harvest or observation is eligible – duplicates will not be counted.
  • All posts must be real – no fake posts or old photos
  • All participants must be the age of majority or have parental permission
  • Posts must be set to Medium or Default Privacy and have their location shown so that other communities can see the goose migration

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate; however, only residents of Inuit communities in Canada, Labrador Innu or coastal James Bay Cree communities are eligible for prizes for the Goose Watch Challenge.

Avian Flu Notice

This spring, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued a warning about the presence of a more severe strain of Avian Flu than normal. Also known as “bird flu” Avian Flu is a contagious viral infection that can affect both farm and wild birds including migrating ducks and geese. You can help document sick birds by making observations with photos on SIKU, but touching dead or sick birds is not recommended.

Learn more about Avian flu and how to safely harvest game meat. Follow all public health guidelines and never put yourself in danger to make a post for the SIKU Goose Watch challenge. See Terms and conditions

SIKU app feed items showing multiple hunters with their goose catches


Q. I don’t have the SIKU app. How do I download it, create an account and make goose posts?
A. Learn how to download the SIKU app, create an account and make a goose post.

Q. How do I add the location and time to my post?
A. When you make a post on the land using the SIKU app, your location is automatically recorded by your device’s GPS.

Q. How do I know if I won?
A. A SIKU administrator will comment on your post on SIKU to declare you a winner.

Q. When will winners be announced?
A. Winners will be announced as geese arrive in each community across James Bay and Inuit Nunangat. The Grand Prize winners will be announced on August 1, 2022.

Q. Can I win if I’m not a resident of an eligible community?
A. No, only residents of Inuit Nunangat, Labrador Innu or coastal James Bay Cree communities are eligible to win a prize.

Q. What if I harvested the first goose in my community but didn’t post it on SIKU?
A. A Goose Watch Community Prize is awarded to the first person in each eligible community to upload their goose harvest to SIKU. Posts not uploaded to SIKU or made on Facebook or other social media platforms are not eligible.

Q. Can I win a prize if I saw a goose but didn’t harvest it?
A. Only goose harvestposts are eligible for the community prizes. Goose observation posts about nests, tracks, moulting etc. are all eligible for the Grand Prizes.

Q. How are the Grand Prize winners chosen?
A. The Grand Prize winners are chosen by random draw from all eligible goose posts made on SIKU during the competition period.

Q. I need more help, who do I talk to?
A. Please contact us if you have questions.

Q. What is SIKU?
A. SIKU is a free web platform and mobile app developed by and for Indigenous communities to share knowledge and support monitoring, guardian programs and research on the land. You can also access weather information, tides, satellite imagery, ice safety maps and traditional place name maps - all in one place. SIKU lets you document your activities on the land, add photos and share them using your own language. You own all the information and photos you post on SIKU, and privacy settings allow you to control who has access.

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Icon silhouette of a GooseGoose Watch Map

All Goose Watch posts are shown on the SIKU Goose Watch Map. This map shows the timing of the spring migration of different species of geese and can serve as an indicator of environmental change.

View 2022 SIKU Goose Watch Map

Example of the Goose Watch Map

Terms and Conditions

  • Alternative gift cards will be made available for winners in communities with no Northern Store or Northmart
  • Winning posts may be shared to promote the Goose Watch in the press and on social media, such as on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Participants may be subject to additional terms and conditions and winners will be determined at the sole discretion of the Arctic Eider Society.
  • The Arctic Eider Society reserves the right to disqualify any posts or contestants at their sole discretion and without providing a reason or notice. Users agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the SIKU platform, including respect for Indigenous Knowledge, rights and integrity.

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