Help track the spring goose migration using the SIKU app and you could win up to $1000!

Starting in 2020, hunters have been using the SIKU app to track the spring goose migration as part of the SIKU Goose Watch. This helps hunters in nearby communities know when the geese are getting close and track the spring migration with the Goose Watch map!

Who can participate?

Canadian Inuit communities and coastal Cree communities of James Bay can participate. The SIKU app is free to download for iPhone and Android, is easy to use and works offline, so you can make your post while you’re out on the land.

First Goose Prize

Create the first goose hunting post for your community to win a prize!

The first person in each community to make a qualifying goose hunting post this spring will receive a $100 gift card and a free SIKU touque. See the rules below to find out what makes a post qualify.

Grand Prize

Create goose posts all spring long for a chance to win one of three Grand Prizes!

Every goose post made on the land with the SIKU app before July 31st will qualify for Grand Prizes, which will be randomly selected. Keep posting for your chance to win, and help track the different species and timing of the migration. Egg harvesting posts and other goose observation posts also count for the Grand Prize draw and will help document the timing of nesting or hatching each year.


Be careful and never put yourself in danger in order to create a post for the Goose Watch competition. Do not approach dangerous areas. See full Terms and Conditions


How Can I Win the First Goose Prize?

  1. Create a Goose Hunting Post using the SIKU app until July 31st, 2021
  2. Post must include:
    • Location
    • Date & Time
    • Photo of your hunted goose
    • Community tag for your community
  3. Limit of one First Goose prize per Inuit community and coastal James Bay community in Canada
  4. First post uploaded wins (based on upload time, not necessarily the first goose caught)

How Can I Win the Grand Prize?

  1. Create any Goose Post using the SIKU app (hunting story, goose or nest observation, egg harvests etc.)
  2. Post must include:
    • Location
    • Date & Time
    • Photo of the goose, nest, or eggs
    • Community tag for your community
  3. All geese posts count for the draw. Create and upload your post before July 31st, 2021
SIKU App Devices

General Rules for All Prizes

  • Posts must be created at the location of the goose hunt/observation, which is automatically added by the app. Posts made later in town do not count
  • All posts must be unique hunting stories – no duplicates
  • All posts must be real, relevant, and reliable– no fake posts or old photos
  • You must be 19 or older to win


Q. I don’t have the SIKU app yet. How do I download it, create an account and make posts?

A. Learn how to download the SIKU app, create an account and make a wildlife post.

Q. How do I know if I won?

A. A SIKU administrator will comment on your post on SIKU to declare you a winner. Please contact us if you have additional questions or to claim your prize.

Q. When will winners be announced?

A. Winners will be announced as geese arrive in each community across James Bay and Inuit Nunangat. The Grand Prize winners will be announced in early August.

Q. Can I win if I don’t live in a coastal Cree community of James Bay or Inuit community in Canada?

A. All winners must live in a coastal Cree communities of James Bay and Inuit communities in Canada.

Q. What if I caught the first goose in my community but didn’t post it on SIKU?

A. The First Goose prize for each community is based on the first goose hunting story post uploaded using the SIKU app in each community. Posts made to Facebook or other social media platforms are not eligible.

Q. What if I saw a goose but didn’t harvest it?

A. Only goose hunting posts are eligible for the first goose prize in each community. Geese posts observing nests, tracks, molting etc. are all eligible for the Grand Prize, as they are important contributions to Indigenous documentation of goose migration patterns.

Q. How is the Grand Prize winner chosen?

A. The grand prize is chosen by random draw from all goose posts made on SIKU during the competition period that meet the eligibility requirements.

Q. I need more help, who do I talk to?

A. Please contact us if you have additional questions or to claim your prize.

Q. Can you tell me more about SIKU?

A. SIKU is a social media platform and mobile app developed by Inuit for Indigenous peoples. It includes tools and services for weather, tides, satellite imagery, ice safety and custom maps with traditional place names - all in one place. Inuit can share and comment on observations about dangerous conditions, hunting stories, trip tracks, Inuit knowledge and local Inuktut dialects. SIKU is a safe space for sharing and mobilizing Indigenous knowledge with control over data usage and privacy.

IceGoose Watch Map

Goose Watch posts made this spring are displayed on the SIKU Goose Watch Map. This map visualizes the timing of the annual migration of many different species of geese and acts as an indicator of environmental change.

View 2021 SIKU Goose Watch Map

Goose Watch Map

Terms and Conditions

  • Winning posts may be shared to promote the Goose Watch in the press and social media, such as on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Participants may be subject to additional terms and conditions and winners will be determined at the sole discretion of the Arctic Eider Society.
  • The Arctic Eider Society reserves the right to disqualify any posts or contestants at their sole discretion and without providing a reason or notice. Users agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the SIKU platform, including respect for Indigenous knowledge, rights and integrity.

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