qimutjuk - snowdrift

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qimutjuk - snowdrift

qimutjuk - snowdrift

Indigenous Knowledge

qimutjuk ᕿᒧᑦᔪᒃ 
'(qimujjuk) pl. -it, (1) snow strees made by a gale (2) snow-drifts.' (Nunavimmiutitut, Schneider 1985: 304)

qimugjuk ᕿᒧᒡᔪᒃ 
'snowdrift' (Baffin/Kivalliq,
'snowdrift carved by the wind; sastrugi (from Russian zastrugi)' (Inuinnaqtun, Angulalik 2012: 77)

Western Knowledge

'An accumulation or bank of snow formed when wind blows snow against an obstruction; often considerably thicker than the surrounding snowcover.' (National Snow and Ice Data Center)

'wind-driven snow shapes that resemble sand dunes; may form on top of sea ice or land-based snow cover; can vary in size and complexity but often forms parallel to prevailing wind direction.' (National Snow and Ice Data Center)

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