ivujuq - ridging

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ivujuq - ridging

ivujuq - ridging

Indigenous Knowledge

ivujuq ᐃᕗᔪᖅ 'Process of ice piling up along the floe edge, when currents are pushing ice in, or tide coming in.' (Sanikiluaq, Nunavimmiutitut, Sanikiluaq Siku Terminology Workshop, 2018).

ivujuq ᐃᕗᔪᖅ ‘The process of large ice pans being forced on top on top of each other, tuvaq, or onto land, by the wind and/or currents.' (Kinngait, South Qikiqtaaluk, Inuit Siku Atlas)

ivuyuq 'ice has piled up; ex. ivuuqtuq ice is piling up (of ice)' (Inuinnaqtun, Kudlak and Compton 2018, p. 80)

Western Knowledge

ridging ‘(Formation de crêtes [fr]): The pressure process by which sea ice is forced into ridges.' (WMO)