sinaaq - floe edge

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sinaaq - floe edge

sinaaq - floe edge

Indigenous knowledge

sinâ 'Edge of ice. n. Sinâliajuk. He has gone seal-hunting to the edge of the ice.' (Labrador Virtual Museum, Inuttut-English dictionary)

sinaaq ᓯᓈᖅ 'The edge of the tuvaq, bordering on open water or moving ice; the floe edge; meaning "the edge".' (Kinngait, Panniqtuq and Iglulik, North/South Qikiqtaaluk, Inuit Siku Atlas)

hinaa 'ocean shore; floe edge' (Natchilingmiut Uqauhingit, Ikajuqtigiit and Hadlari Consulting, January 2023: 31)

tuam kaŋiġaa ‘The edge of the shore-fast ice’ (Wales, Seward Peninsula Inupiaq, Weyapuk Jr. & Krupnik 2012: 87)

Western Knowledge

Fast ice edge 'The demarcation at any given time between fast ice and open water.' (MANICE)

The floe edge is the intersection of shoreline ice and open water that moves with wind and currents. It is a very dramatic marine arctic environment because ice can move in and be swept away in a short amount of time.

Second photo credit: Joel Heath