illaujaq - candle ice

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illaujaq - candle ice

illaujaq - candle ice

Indigenous Knowledge

illaujaq ᐃᓪᓚᐅᔭᖅ
'Illaujaq is an ice condition that occurs before break-up when lake ice transforms from solid ice into compact icicles. You can walk on them, if there are no holes, and you can feel a little bit of movement. But if you use a tool to pry one out or push one under, it starts to cave in. It might not cave in right away, but it makes the rest loosen up. You can still fish through it.' (Sanikiluarmiutitut, Lucassie Arragutainaq, 2023)

iilaraq ᐄᓚᕋᖅ
'ᐄᓚᕋᖅ; ᓯᑯᑑᕐᓇᓐᖏᑦᑐᖅ ᓂᓚᒐᓛᒃᓯᒪᔪᖅ.
Iilaraq; sikutuurnanngittuq nilagalaaksimajuq.
Icicle ice; hard on snowmachines.'
(Nattilingmiutut, Qikiqtaqmiut Committee, Beaulieu, Wilson & Aglukkaq 2023: 67)

Related ice condition

tutjanaksijuq ᑐᔾᔭᓇᒃᓯᔪᖅ
'Tutjaanaqsijuq is when sea ice is crystal-like. After the snow melts and goes into the ice, makes the ice have sharp pointy features when it refreezes, used to have to protect the feet of dog teams from this needle-like ice.' (Sanikiluaq Siku Terminology Workshop, 2018)

Western Knowledge

candle ice
'Rotten ice has a subtype called "candle ice", which has a columnar structure. Like other rotten ice, it poses a hazard to humans due to its lack of structure.' (

Profile photo credit: Leanne Beaulieu