nilak - freshwater ice

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nilak - freshwater ice

nilak - freshwater ice

Indigenous Knowledge

nilak ᓂᓚᒃ 'fresh-water ice; ice used for drinking or household' (Aivilingmiutut, Spalding 1998: 69)

nilak ᓂᓚᒃ  'clear ice from fresh water, but not merely any clear ice; the kind used for making water, that found in lakes (also called quasaq because slippery) that of stalectites, that found at the bottom of windows, that found in rivers (if not covered with snow; [...]. 5' (Nunavimmiutitut, Schneider 1985: 202)

Western Knowledge

'Lake and river ice, also commonly referred to as freshwater ice or floating freshwater ice, is ice that forms on the surface of freshwater bodies when the surface water temperature falls just below 0˚C. ' (Global Cryosphere Watch)

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