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How to make a Goose post

Learn how to make a goose post for the SIKU Goose Watch Challenge.

Goose harvest posts are eligible for the Goose Watch community prizes while both harvest and observation posts are eligible for the grand prize draw.

  1. On the Post tab, tap the Harvest or Wildlife Observation button
  2. Select a species of goose. Any type of goose counts
  3. Choose between an Individual, Group or Nest post
  4. In the Animal Harvest Info Panel tap the Add Animal Harvest Photo button
  5. Recording additional information such as the Number Animals Harvested or Number Eggs Collected is recommended and supports knowledge transfer between communities
  6. If you see a sick or unusual goose, record it in the Unusual Panel.
  7. SIKU automatically records your location if you post while on the land. You can also mark your post’s location using the map in the Location & Time Panel
  8. Tap the yellow Save button.
  9. Because SIKU works offline, your post must still be uploaded when you have reconnected to the internet again.
  10. Press the Upload icon in the Saved tab to upload your post.

Do not touch geese that may be sick and follow all health guidelines.

Updated on May 16, 2022

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