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Setting SIKU Location Permissions

Why does SIKU need access to my location?

SIKU uses your device’s GPS (and other location services) to record your trip’s tracks, locate your posts on the map, and alert you of important safety information. To support these features, the SIKU app accesses your location information in the background, including when you are using a different app or your device’s screen is off.

SIKU only stores your location data for trips and posts that you explicitly create and never shares it with 3rd parties for any other reason without your consent.

Setting Location Permission on iPhone

  1. Go to your iPhone’s Settings app
  2. Search for “SIKU” and tap to select
  3. Tap Location
  4. Tap Always

Make sure that “Precise Location” is also turned on.

Setting Location Permission on Android

  1. Go to your devices Settings app.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Scroll through your installed apps and select SIKU.
  4. Select Permissions.
  5. Depending on your device and operating system version you will either see an on/off switch for the location permission, or select Location to see the location access options.
  6. Turn location permission on or choose Allow all the time from the options.

Your device may periodically ask you to review your location permission for SIKU. It is very important that whenever prompted, you continue to grant SIKU permission the “always” or “all the time” permission.

Note that the names of various options in the instructions above will differ based on device and operating system version.

Updated on February 10, 2022

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