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How to make a Trip post

In order to record your trip’s tracks when the screen is off or you are using other apps, you must give the SIKU app the “Always” or “Allow all the time” location permission in your device’s settings. Learn how to set your location permission.

  1. Tap the Post tab.
  2. Tap the Trip button.
  3. Tap Start Trip in the trip drawer.
  4. (Optional) Tap Pause to temporarily stop recording your trip.
  5. Tap Resume to continue your track.
  6. Any posts you make during your trip will be linked to the trip.
  7. The Harvest panel will track any wildlife harvests you post during your trip.
  8. In the Trip Info panel you can add photos and videos, set your mode of transportation, and add comments.
  9. When finished, tap Finish Trip.
  10. Tap Save & Finish.
  11. Tap the Saved tab.
  12. Upload your trip and linked posts by tapping the icon beside them.

Because SIKU works offline, saving a post doesn’t post it to SIKU. When you are reconnected to the internet, you must go to the Saved tab and upload your posts.

Updated on May 16, 2022

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